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JUNE 16, 2024 | 13.00

Registration is Now Closed 登録は締め切りました

UR24 Public Symposium

"Cultural Heritage and Natural Disasters: Learning from Himeji towards Sustainable Futures”

公開シンポジウム「文化遺産と自然災害 ~持続可能な未来にむけて、姫路の経験から学ぶ~」

◆登壇者:名古屋市立大学 千田嘉博教授/姫路市 清元秀泰市長/世界銀行 アーメド・エイワイダ主任都市専門家など

  • Date: June 16, 2024
  • Venue: ARCREA Himeji
  • Registration Fee: Free
  • Speakers: Professor Yoshihiro Senda, Nagoya City University / Hidetoshi Kiyomoto, the mayor of Himeji City / Ahmed Eiweida, Lead Urban Specialist, World Bank
  • Application Deadline: June 7

About UR24 Public Symposium 開催趣旨


A public symposium on cultural heritage and natural disasters will take place in conjunction with the Understanding Risk Global Forum 2024 in Himeji City. The mayor of Himeji City and Japanese and international experts will come together to highlight the value of cultural heritage sites, including Himeji Castle, and exchange views on keys to creating a sustainable future while protecting regional heritage from climate change and natural disasters. Simultaneous interpretation in English and Japanese will be provided.

Speakers 登壇者

名古屋市立大学 千田嘉博教授

1963年生。愛知県出身。奈良大学卒業。大阪大学博士(文学)。国立歴史民俗博物館助教授、奈良大学長等を歴任。専門は城郭考古学。現在、名古屋市立大学 高等教育院 特任教授・奈良大学 特別教授。文化財石垣保存技術協議会 評議会員。永青文庫評議員、奈良国立博物館評議員。日本各地の城跡の調査と整備に携わる。

Professor Yoshihiro Senda, Nagoya City University

Born in Aichi Prefecture in 1963, Professor Senda graduated from Nara University and earned a Doctor of Letters from Osaka University. He has held positions including associate professor at the National Museum of Japanese History and President of Nara University. He specializes in castle archaeology. Currently, he serves as a specially appointed professor at Nagoya City University’s Institute for Advanced Education and Research, as well as a professor at Nara University. He is a council member of the Association for the Conservation of Cultural Property Stone Walls and also serves on the councils of the Eisei Bunko Museum and Nara National Museum. He is actively involved in the survey and maintenance of castle ruins throughout Japan.
(Photo by Kazuhisa Hatanaka)

姫路市 清元秀泰市長


Hideyasu Kiyomoto, MD&PhD, Mayor of Himeji

Mayor Kiyomoto obtained his medical license and Doctor of Medicine from Kagawa Medical University. He pursued further research as an academic researcher at the University of Texas, US. Upon returning to Japan, he served as a lecturer at Kagawa University Hospital. He transferred to Tohoku University School of Medicine in October 2010, where he became a professor in February 2012. He received the Commendation for Science and Technology from the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (under the Public Understanding Promotion Category of the Awards for Science and Technology) for his contribution to the reconstruction of areas affected by disasters. In April 2015, he was seconded to the Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development as a research officer and a program officer. He left Tohoku University in May 2018. In April 2019, he became the Mayor of Himeji, and later was re-elected in April 2023.



Ahmed Eiweida, Lead Urban Specialist, World Bank

Ahmed Eiweida serves as the World Bank Global Coordinator for Cultural Heritage and Sustainable Tourism and is the Vietnam Sector Leader for Sustainable Development. With over 25 years of experience, he specializes in cultural heritage, sustainable tourism, urban policies, municipal finance and infrastructure, local economic development, urban upgrading, and urban regeneration.


同会場にて6月17日から21日まで、自然災害からのリスクをより理解するための新たな取り組みや減災を実装する上での最新の課題などについて、様々なセミナーやワークショップなどが開催されます。ご関心のある方は以下ボタンからご登録ください。To join the UR24 Global Forum from June 17 through 21, click below.