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Partnership Options

Collaborate with UR24 to actively engage with the Disaster Risk Management (DRM) community. Experience the benefits of our carefully crafted marketing and communication strategy, which includes global outreach, agenda promotion, and compelling first hand testimonials. Choose among our partnership options, or if you prefer, we can work together to create tailored, unique, and innovative interventions for your brand.

Check these example opportunities to join UR24, and contact us to have more tailored and detailed options.

Opening & Closing Ceremonies

Demonstrate your DRM Innovations

Opening Ceremony

Himeji Castle

At the foot of the colossal Himeji Castle, light, color, water, and dance will combine in a poetic symphony to celebrate the UR24 opening ceremony. A sentinel of history stands tall over the flowing waters as a witness of time and resilience. Stand out with your brand from the beginning of this journey of innovation for a safer tomorrow.

Closing Ceremony

Arcrea Himeji Culture and Convention Center. 

The UR24 finale will celebrate the collaboration and synergies we developed while we explore solutions to face our common challenges. It’s here where you can leave a lasting impression. Be part of this memorable conclusion with your brand!

Don´t take a break to stand out!

Showcase your brand and connect with the community.

Amidst the dynamic breaks of the Forum, an extraordinary opportunity awaits. As we pause to recharge and exchange insights, your brand can participate in our interludes and keep connecting with the community.

5 days
Lunch time!
Participate with your brand and join to the Japanese cuisine experience.
5 days
Unlock the opportunity to showcase your projects and innovations to the global DRM landscape.
5 days
Coffee or tea?
Energize UR community conversations in the coffee breaks. Take action with your brand with remarkable interventions.
5 days
Let's connect!
Amplify your reach during our networking breaks, fostering meaningful connections.


Choose among our numerous opportunities you can take your teams on.
Learn how locals face unexpected
natural hazards.
Breath-taking views a top the Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge
Join to an incredible team building
experience to the sound of Taiko.

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We are looking forward to hearing your ideas and making a magical partnership.