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Aerocene Backpack Flight Demo

November 30, 202210:15Florianopolis

Aerocene Backpack Flight Demo

The Aerocene Backpack is a portable floating kit, which enables anyone to launch their own aerosolar sculpture and start sensing the ocean of air, lifted only by the sun,without the use of fossil fuels, helium, hydrogen, solar panels, or batteries.

With only heat provided by the sun, the enclosed aerosolar sculpture lifts several sensors contained within the SensAIR device that captures atmospheric data such as temperature, humidity, pressure and air quality.

The Backpack is designed to engage participants in thinking-through-making activity, stimulating imagination and creativity, and imparts information about solar balloon flight, thermodynamic physics, meteorological science, and art practices.

Video recording not available.


Joaquin Ezcurra

Cartographer, Marine Technician, Web Developer / Aerocene Foundation

Maximiliano Laina

Documentary Film Director, Activist / Aerocene Foundation

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  • Florianopolis

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