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UR22 Vancouver

Welcome to UR22

The national EEW rollout is complete by 2024. Where does that leave us in BC? What thresholds will activate public alerting? How does the EEW system connect to building-level instrumentation across the province and what does that mean for our rapid damage assessment programs? Hear from practitioners working in this space and contribute to the conversation.

Opening Ceremony

Earthquake Early Warning and Instrumentation in BC: Getting to a Less Wild West

This session was hosted as a satellite session to the UR 2022 Global Forum hosted in Florianopolis, Brazil with satellites in London, UK, Wellington, New Zealand and Niamey, Niger. We also hosted a watch party for the Global Forum in conjunction.

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Monrit Chatha
Jessica Shoubridge
John Sherstobitoff
Henry Seyward
Teron Moore
Evan Reis
Amin Kassam

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