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Alerts Communication and DRR Education in Santa Catarina

December 1, 202211:00Florianopolis

Alerts Communication and DRR Education in Santa Catarina

The procedures and tools used for issuing integrated warnings (hydro meteorological and geological) in Santa Catarina are discussed, considering that the DC has 3 meteorological radars, 1 satellite antenna Goes16, surface stations, in addition to integration with other networks public and private, municipal, state and national (Epagri, Cemaden, INMET, ANA, city halls, among others) and their relationship with Education in Risk and Disaster Reduction, especially with the Civil Defense Program at School in which teachers and students are trained to act as multipliers in risk and disaster management, in a curricularized way. The PDCE complies with international, national and state legal guidelines and is a national reference program.


Frederico Rudorff

Santa Catarina Civil Defense

Regina Panceri


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  • Florianopolis

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