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Design Principles for Disaster Alerting

November 29, 202211:45Florianopolis

Design Principles for Disaster Alerting

Affected communities need to cut through the noise during a disaster and want to know what is happening, where the hazard is, how bad it is, and what actions they need to take to stay safe. The objective of this session is to promote the inclusion of affected communities and partners when designing crisis response products and share the importance of streamlined communications when alerting affected communities during a disaster.
This session will discuss the power of partnerships in scaling hazard alerts and share key design principles for crisis alert products based on findings from research studies, field visits, and a user experience research study conducted by Google. We will share the importance of involving community members and partners when creating solutions for risk reduction and alerting. We will share stories from users and the approaches we took to identify the needs of people affected by hazards. In addition, we will share our work with local partners to expand our flood forecasting reach, which was recently launched in Brazil.

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Luciana Cordeiro

Head of Search Partnerships for Latam / Google

Frederico Peixinho

Head of the Hydrology Department / DEHID

Camila Dalla Porta Mattiuzi

Hydrological Engineer / CPRM

Rosane Duque Estrada Vieira

Technical Meteorologist, Monitoring and Alert Coordinator / CENAD – National Center for Risk and Disaster Management, Federal Agency of the National Civil Defense

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  • Florianopolis

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