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Exploring the Past to Prepare for the Future: an Energy Company View

November 29, 202216:00Florianopolis

Exploring the Past to Prepare for the Future: an Energy Company View

The Brazilian electrical system is mostly hydroelectric, with high growth in wind and solar energy. Thus, the climate is the main risk factor for our energy matrix. We cannot change the climate, but we need to understand it, simulate it, and study it in a way that allows us to build risk minimization policies to ensure sustainable economic growth. ENGIE shows a permanent interest in the scientific approach to the effects of climate change on the Electricity Sector and for this purpose it recently convened a multidisciplinary team to discuss climate expectations for the coming decades.
Now, 8 teams work in different areas and with different approaches to the study of climate change. For ENGIE, it is already a success to approach topics such as paleoclimatology, explicit climate modeling, treatment of time series, changes in the precipitation pattern, changes in wind availability and other derived analyses. We invite you to follow up on what ENGIE is doing on the subject and contribute to the studies and join in the strengthening of the climate-specific research network for a Sector as relevant as electricity.


Roilan Valdes

Weather and Climate Analyst / ENGIE BRASIL ENERGIA

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  • Florianopolis

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