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How to Strengthen Social Capital in the Caribbean?

November 29, 202216:00Florianopolis

How to Strengthen Social Capital in the Caribbean?

Disasters, like national budgets, are not gender neutral. Women and girls must become key to effective disaster risk management. Governments can use their national budgets to ensure such programs receive adequate resource allocation

“Initiatives like gender or green budgeting are really about good budgeting. We must think through who are the recipients of budget policies, public services, and public programs and acknowledge that people in society have diverging needs. We must think about how to design our budget to respond to said needs.”

“All these ways to integrate policy with budget need to be focused on the government’s priorities. Gender budgeting where we have seen governments succeed has a clear articulation of gender gaps and is not just about women’s issues: it is about the issues faced by boys, girls, men, women, and people with disabilities. We must analyze if the policies we are designing are the right policies to address those issues. And you can argue that for disaster risk management and climate change.”


Urška Zrinski

Senior Public Sector Specialist / World Bank

Kelera Kolivuso-Ravono

Manager Social Services Sector, Budget and Planning Division / Ministry of Economy, Fiji

Diana Maria Galeano Servian

Gender Specialist / World Bank

Jamie Saunders

Directorate of Gender Affairs / Antigua and Barbuda

Eliana Rubiano-Matulevich

Senior Economist / World Bank

Naima Imam Chowdhury

Senior Gender Equality Policy Advisor / Multilateral Thematic Policy and Partnership Team – MGS Global Affairs Canada

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