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IEG: What Next for Disaster Risk Reduction at the World Bank?

November 29, 202211:45Florianopolis

IEG: What Next for Disaster Risk Reduction at the World Bank?

This session will discuss the findings from an independent evaluation of the World Bank’s work on disaster risk reduction over the past decade, including the relevance and effectiveness of the World Bank’s efforts, how it has helped to build support for risk reduction, and opportunities for improving how the World Bank and others pursue disaster risk reduction such as results measurement, inclusion, and addressing the interplay between disaster risks and fragility.

“The Caribbean has been really smart in using the social investment funds as a generic platform to promote not only the disaster risk management agenda, but the social aspect as well. For instance, Belize is implementing a similar social investment fund to the one set up by Jamaica. It is a nice message from small, vulnerable countries that are exposed to natural hazards: we cannot think with a siloed mentality.”

“The World Bank has tripled its Disaster Risk Reduction support over the last decade. This has occurred due to three main reasons: the Bank’s corporate support for climate change as a priority agenda; availability of trust funds, particularly GFDRR; and a supportive global context reflecting the understanding of our client countries that climate change is a priority.”


Stephen Hutton

Senior Evaluation Officer / World Bank

Fred Pedroso

DRM Specialist / World Bank

Omar Sweeney

Managing Director / Jamaica Social Investment Fund (JSIF)

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  • Florianopolis

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