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Interactions with the HydroMet Community

November 29, 202210:15Florianopolis

Interactions with the HydroMet Community

This session will explore interactions with the HydroMet community as a crucial component to disaster risk reduction.
Speakers from Technical University Berlin, King’s College London, Red Cross Climate Centre and the Met Office UK will be showcasing their work in a variety of presentations.
Met Office, UK: Will be introducing the session, providing an overview of the WISER (Weather and Climate Information Services) Programme and importance of co-production.
Technical University Berlin: We will discuss heat-flood compound events. Key questions dealt with will be why do they matter, how do each heat and flood hazard risks intersect with vulnerability, and how can flood information be accessed in real-time. We have four speakers with different specializations, who will discuss how their work helps understand risk.
King’s College London, Red Cross Climate Centre: To deep-dive into a discussion about techniques to increase the community-level understanding about actions that can be taken for disaster risk management by the community as a whole or at an individual level through the SHEAR Programme.

“As part of this wider effort on risk communication, we have developed “serious games” to communicate risk and have people experience what it means to make decisions in times of uncertainty – decisions on hazard, risk reduction, etc. The development of tools and games in that front has helped the humanitarian sector and beyond to have proper conversations with at-risk communities.”

“We must understand how the levels of disproportionality increase when we see these compounding hazards lead to new types of events that perhaps some communities have not seen before.”

“We are underscoring the importance of having data, of high-quality science, and the governance structures in place, but also being able to do something about it. We could have the best science and rules, but the bottom line is: to what extent can we prioritize and de-prioritize certain communities and how do these activities lead to lower impacts for the traditionally underserved populations and suffering the greatest socioeconomic impact.”


Misha Khan

Cross Region Lead / Met Office

Fionne Marshall

Africa Regional Lead / Met Office

Shreyasi Choudhury

Doctoral Candidate / King’s College London

Steffen Lohrey

Doctoral Candidate / TU Berlin

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  • Florianopolis

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