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Simple and Affordable Software Solutions for Disaster Risk Contingency Processes

December 1, 202209:30Florianopolis

Simple and Affordable Software Solutions for Disaster Risk Contingency Processes

Despite the efforts and resources spent on risk reduction, it occurs at a slower rate than the risk generation (BM, 2020). With more than 33 million living in poverty and a strong migratory movement to enclaves or outskirts of large cities, associated with the voracity of real estate interests and the difficulties of the administration to implement effective planning policies, Brazil is confronted with the systematic occupation of risk areas, by unqualified and unsafe buildings. At the same time, on the coast there is an ongoing disorderly occupation with accelerated destruction of coastal formations, replacing them by environmentally unqualified and risky areas.
In a context of very evident effects of climate change, we face the possibility of more extreme events from different nature and intensity, probably interconnected. Prevention/mitigation, planning/preparation actions to face risks and disasters are still insufficient, as the tragic and recent events in Petrópolis and Pernambuco/Recife show.
CLUrb develops simple and accessible software solutions for urban challenges. Its foundational tool, ACCTION, enables cities and citizens to share their knowledge and work together on development issues and risk and disaster management. Consilium Consultoria with accumulated experience in risk and disaster management and contingency processes, has participated in important movements and actions in this domain, in different contexts and is responsible for the idea of E_PLAMCON that both institutions are going to construct in partnership.
Based in a broader discussion about Risk and Disaster Management and its stages, we will present: a) the base web and mobile tool ACCTION; b) the conceptual framework and planed instrumental development, based on scrum methodology (identifying phases and respective sprints) of the web/mobile tool E_PLAMCON (that we intend is going to fill a gap that has long been felt and persists). We will finish with a broad open debate.


Mário Freitas

Executive Director / Consilium Consultoria

Regina Panceri


Luciano Peri

Regional Coordinator for Protection and Civil Defense / DCSC

Evandro Holz


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  • Florianopolis

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