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UR22 Closing Ceremony

November 30, 202216:30Florianopolis

Closing Ceremony

Today we are living the midst of a climate change crisis with an unprecedented number of disasters happening around the world. At the same time, we live in a rapidly changing world where rapid advances in science and technology are transforming all aspects of human society, and the field of disaster management is no different. This rate of innovation and technical integration was never seen before in history. Disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence, drones, robots and internet of things are providing new innovative solutions to address disaster preparedness, prevention, response, mitigation and recovery.

“We are facing a triple planetary crisis: climate change; nature and biodiversity loss; pollution and waste. Disasters are in the rise. We need to work together so in the future every country have access to technological advancements and have the capacity to maintain the technology and use it for disaster prevention and response.”

Paula Padrino Vilela


Paula Padrino Vilela

UNEP’s Representative at the Focus Group on AI for Natural Disaster Management / United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

Araújo Gomes

Municipal Secretary of Public Security

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  • Florianopolis

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