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November 29, 202209:00Florianopolis

Do Look Up!

After 4 years, the Understanding Risk Global Forum is back in person bringing the energy that only in-person interactions can offer. At UR conferences, we seek to provide an inclusive, creative and fun space for meaningful risk knowledge exchange, encouraging collaboration among disaster risk experts and practitioners from all over the world and between global and regional organizations. We aim to spur innovation and spark lasting partnerships.

The UR22 theme, “Riding the waves of risk,” focuses on climate and disaster risks in a multi-hazard world. To better understand risk, prevent disasters from happening, and build resilience, UR22 will explore the space where these multi-hazards collide and how disaster impacts cascade in unpredictable ways. The main hub location in Florianopolis offers an exceptional opportunity for the world to learn from Brazil and vice versa and strengthen the sustainable development agenda, moving from understanding risk to action on disaster resilience.

“It might look like a normal day, but if you look seriously, normal is pretty risky for most humans.”

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to fall from 20 feet just relying on one person to catch you? Or being lifted in the air with no control of external forces? Circus arts and acrobatics bring a deep connection between risk, trust, anticipation, and performance. Like pilots in the civil aviation sector, circus artists are remarkably talented at understanding, foreseeing, and managing what can go wrong: They look up and actually go there, where magic happens. Circus artists straddle fine lines in mitigating without eliminating risk, using the risk itself as a medium for community engagement and inspiration. Can we, as risk practitioners, learn from their talent and creativity?

The Circocan International School of Circus brings a tailor-made, live performance to UR2022 in Florianópolis. Depicting the preparation and development process of an acrobatic creation, this performance conveys how a risky, life-threatening situation can be managed through listening, connecting, trusting and relying on your surrounding community. The goal: inspire thinking and transformative action on how we perceive, communicate, and address risk.


Joaquin Toro

Lead Disaster Risk Management Specialist / World Bank

Pablo Suarez

Artist in Residence / National University of Singapore. Lloyd’s Register Foundation Institute for the Public Understanding of Risk

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  • Florianopolis

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