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Aline Vieira de Carvalho

Coordinator of Laboratory of Public Archaeology (Lab/Nepam/Unicamp) and Committee of Climate Change and Heritage / Icomos Brazil

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Aline is a researcher at the Center for Environmental Studies and Research (NEPAM), Unicamp, Brazil. Currently, she is the coordinator of “ProfHistória/Unicamp” and the Laboratory of Public Archaeology Paulo Duarte (LAP) also at Unicamp. She works with Material and Immaterial Heritage, Public Archaeology, and Environmental History. She is currently focusing on the impact of climate change on the Brazilian archaeological heritage. She has an undergraduate and a master’s degree in History and a Environmental and Society, all by Unicamp. Aline is a professor in the post-graduate program at Unicamp. She is also associated with the International Council on Monuments and sites (ICOMOS), the European Association of Archaeologists (EAA), the Brazilian Archaeology Society (SAB), and other institutions.