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Ameneh Karimian

Consultant & Project Leader / Natural Disasters Research Institute

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Ameneh Karimian holds a master’s degree in Post-Disaster Reconstruction from Shahid Beheshti (National) University in Iran and a professional certificate in Disaster Risk Management of Cultural Heritage from Ritsumeikan University in Japan. Starting her professional career in 2011, she is an experienced architectural designer with a research background in cultural heritage conservation and disaster risk management. Ameneh was an International Exchange Program Intern at US/ICOMOS in 2021, developing indicators to assess the contribution of cultural heritage to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). She has been working with UNESCO-ICQHS, CENESTA, HydroCity International Research Lab, and Sarvsaan Cultural Heritage Group. Currently, she works at Natural Disasters Research Institute and serves as the Representative of the SDG Working Group of ICOMOS Iran.