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Marcelo Sabanes

Resilience Advisor Network (RAN)

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Marcelo has extensive work experience in up to 45 countries developing and implementing sustainability strategies and action plans at all levels.

International member of the Resilience Advisor Network since 2019, Marcelo is also a member of the Regional Coordinating Committee Advisory Group for the Making Cities Resilient (MCR2030) for Europe and Central Asia, which is a global initiative led by the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction. He has been certified in Climate Change by the Climate Reality Project in Turkey (2013) and has various specialisations in the sustainability field; Waste Management (UK) and Sustainability programmes management (Climate Kic in The Netherlands). He was providing senior technical advice to the Regional Government of Canary Islands to reduce the carbon footprint of the tourism sector. After 15 years living between the UK and Spain, he’s back in Paraguay working with Casa Rica Mercado Gourmet as a Sustainable Development and Risk Prevention Manager, to become carbon neutral by 2030 in a key sector like retails.