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Naraya Carrasco

Sr. Disaster Risk Management Specialist / World Bank

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Naraya Carrasco is a Sr. Disaster Risk Management specialist at the Urban, Disaster Risk Management (DRM), Resilience & Land Global Practice of the World Bank. She has 15 years of experience in DRM and in mainstreaming resilience across sectors, both at the policy and project levels. She manages the DRM projects financed by the World Bank in Haiti since 2020. Naraya also co-led the establishment, management and now the implementation of the $15 million single-donor trust fund Canada-Caribbean Resilience Facility. Before joining the World Bank, Naraya was Program Manager for DRM at the Swiss Agency for Development and Corporation. Naraya has a Ph.D. in Biogeochemistry from ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Polytechnic) and a Master’s Degree in Environmental Engineering.