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Pak Maliki

Director for Poverty Alleviation and Community Empowerment / Ministry of National Development Planning/National Development Planning Agency (Bappenas). Government of Indonesia

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Maliki has been working in the Ministry of National Development Planning (Bappenas) for more than 22 years. Since 2019, he has been appointed as the Director for Poverty Alleviation and Community Empowerment. His main task is to design policy planning for developing social protection programs and social empowerment models. He also manages various cross-cutting issues concerning people with vulnerabilities, including navigating the country’s strategy for aging issues and inclusive development. Currently, he is in charge of Indonesia’s Social Protection System Reform roadmap. Two main reform strategies under his coordination are formulating the Adaptive Social Protection scheme and developing the Socio-Economic Registry, which is now being implemented nationally, covering 100% of Indonesian population. These two strategies ensure that social protection in Indonesia is more inclusive and effective in preventing poverty and deprivation.