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Designing and Managing Emergency Operations Centers (EOCs)

December 1, 202214:00Florianopolis

Designing and Managing Emergency Operations Centers (EOCs)

An EOC is a central coordination point responsible for carrying out and coordinating emergency management functions during an emergency. EOCs are locations where staff from multiple agencies and organizations typically come together to address imminent threats and hazards, and to provide coordinated support to incident command, on-scene personnel, and/or other EOCs. In the scope of Understanding Risk 2022, the EP&R program will conduct 3-hour workshop on EOC functions, requirements, design, and management. The workshop will start with a presentation and will be followed by a discussion on different EOC facilities and approaches across the World. In addition, participants will discuss about essential and desirable features for EOC facilities and challenges that would need to be addressed in operationalizing them including SOPs, personnel, ICT etc.


Mary Boyer

Disaster Risk Management Specialist / World Bank

Derek Rowan


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  • Florianopolis

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