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Slow, Spread & Retain: a Real-Life Demonstration of Nature-Based Solutions for Flood Resilience

November 30, 202210:15Florianopolis

Slow, Spread & Retain: a Real-Life Demonstration of Nature-Based Solutions for Flood Resilience

Nature-based solutions (NBS) can be effective to reduce climate risks while bringing benefits for biodiversity, communities, and the economy. But how do these solutions work and what analytics do we need to do before we implement them?
This session will show the state-of-the-art in analytics in support of the design and implementation of NBS across the world through two short presentations from key experts. These will set the scene and show the processes, evidence, examples, and limitations of NBS for risk reduction.
A major part of the session will then focus on the centerpiece: an augmented reality sandbox to compare flooding in a catchment with nature-based solutions and a catchment without. The audience will be engaged in taking decisions on the implementation of NBS interventions and in estimating their effectiveness for risk reduction.
At the end of the session, the audience will have an improved understanding of how NBS reduce flood risk through slowing, spreading, and retaining the waterflow, and will be better able to take decisions on NBS analysis and implementation.

****Apart from the use in this session, the NBS simulation using the sandbox and potentially a flume (i.e., a wave tank) to visualize coastal NBS will be used in the UR demo booths during the event. Jointly with the conference organization team, our team has organized that the NBS booth will be hosted alongside further information on NBS. See examples of the flume here and the augmented reality sandbox here.

“Several emerging economies are facing the impacts of climate change and increasing flood risks, but these are often not the only problems. The degradation of ecosystems leads to the loss of natural capital, which affects the lives and livelihoods of people. Frequently, these problems go hand in hand, and nature-based solutions are meant to be integrative solutions for those combined issues. These solutions are meant to benefit both, the risk reduction side and sustained ecosystem services while having a positive impact on nature and biodiversity.”


Boris Van Zanten

World Bank (GFDRR) Global Program on NBS for Coastal Resilience

John Bevington

JBA Consulting

Jo Read

JBA Consulting

Catalina Ramirez

Senior Water and Sanitation Specialist / World Bank

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  • Florianopolis

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