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PARATUS: Promoting Disaster Preparedness and Resilience

November 29, 202210:15Florianopolis

PARATUS: Promoting Disaster Preparedness and Resilience

Heavy rains during the UR22 in Florianopolis proved once again the urgency to consider climate extremes in complex decision-making. Stakeholders in disaster risk management are faced with the challenge of adapting their risk reduction policies but lack the tools to account for the cross-sectoral impacts and dynamic nature of the risks involved. With PARATUS, we aim to fill this gap by developing an open-source platform for dynamic risk assessment. In our session, we discussed the needs and ways to develop new exposure and vulnerability analysis methods that enable systemic risk assessment across sectors and geographic settings. The challenge is that climate information is often abstract and does not necessarily respond to key stakeholders’ perspectives. Climate scenarios need to be combined with land use, and socio-demographic and economic trends that will have an impact on exposure and vulnerability. A range of tools are already used to assess possible adaptation scenarios, but a consistent assessment of them does not yet exist. Decision support tools focus on a short-term timeframe and often exclude consideration of long-term scenarios. Co-development is the way to overcome uncertainties as we involve various perspectives. In PARATUS, we analyze risk changes across space and time and develop risk mitigation options using innovative serious games and social simulations.

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Cees Van Westen

Full Professor Multi-Hazard Risk Dynamics / Earth System Analysis Department of the Faculty of Geo-information Science and Earth Observation (ITC), Twente University

Funda Atun

Assistant Professor / University of Twente

Seda Kundak

Associate Professor / Istanbul Technical University

Massimiliano Pittore

Senior Researcher / EURAC Research

Marcelo Sabanes

Resilience Advisor Network (RAN)

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  • Florianopolis

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